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Why DMT Loves Funkier!

Over the years Funkier has been recognized as the most innovative manufacturers of high quality biking apparel and we here at DMT agree!
We know that Funkier, with every cyclists comfort in mind, has put their knowledge and experience into each carefully developed item which led to the revolutionary line of trendy cycling apparel that DMT is proud to share with the world as one of the leading international Funkier online retailers. 

DMT is a company built by cycling enthusiasts for cycling enthusiasts and we know that with Funkier gear people like us will gain peak performance!


A Little About the Funkier Brand...

Trust us when we say that Funkier apparel not only looks great, but it also feels incredible because they have used only the most innovative technologies and fabrics in their clothing design to making it possible for air to flow freely throughout the garments. Their textiles, designed to help perspiration evaporate, along their streamline designed accessories provide a comfortable ride, no matter the season, to bring you the ultimate biking experience!