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Key Items Cyclists Should Invest In

Bicycle pants are also known as cycling tights, and form an essential part of any serious cyclists' sporting wardrobe. They come with and without padding – those with padding are similar to cycling shorts with longer legs, while the ones without padding can be worn over regular cycling shorts.

Bicycle pants need to be close fitting and long enough to pull up over the navel; otherwise they will slip down when you bend over your cycling seat. They have a number of advantages over regular street wear, in the same way as the cycling shorts do, in that they are made out of lightweight, flexible material which doesn't absorb water and become heavy or clinging. Funkier's range of cycling pants are comprised of warm breathable winter fabric, which features Quick Dry Active Protection. This type of fabric wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping it cool and perspiration free. They also feature reflective zippers at the back, making it easy to put shoes on and off, and have an anatomical shape for comfort and fit.

Cycling Shoes – what to Look out for

The right pair of bicycling shoes can transform the quality and efficiency of your riding, and there are tons of brands to select from. Before buying there are a few things you should consider.

Bicycle shoes are selected to work with the pedals, and it's generally recommended to buy shoes which fit more tightly than regular shoes since it's important that the foot won't shift when cycling. Although a snug fit is essential you should avoid buying shoes which are too tight – otherwise feet could go numb during a long ride. Also make sure the shoes have adequate ventilation to keep feet comfortable and cool. During the winter feet can get extremely cold however so inner socks, outer socks or over-boots may be useful.

Bicycle shoes should also be compatible with the pedal with a cleaved sole (molded not flat). Velcro straps are a good option to consider, since these are easy to open and close even while riding.

Get Seen in a Bicycle Vest

Cycling vests are a great option to slip over a jersey if the weather gets cooler – or to increase visibility as the day gets darker. Funkier bicycle vests are waterproof and made from reflective material. The windproof vest will also protect the body from wind no matter how fast you're traveling - keeping you safe even under the most adverse of weather conditions.

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What should I consider when buying Cycling Shorts?0 out of 51 based on 0 voters.

What should I consider when buying Cycling Shorts?

To the uninitiated, the tight black or brightly colored spandex shorts worn by cyclists may seem a little way out, but for seasoned cyclists these bicycle shorts, along with many other essential items, are the key to comfort and ensure optimal performance. Bike shorts are designed to fit perfectly and add functionality, ensuring wearers are kept comfortable even on the most strenuous and lengthy rides. They feature padding in all the right places, and are made from tight-fitting materials such as Lycra to aid movement and reduce air resistance.

What Kind of Cycling Shorts are there?

Bike shorts come in a variety of styles and designs, so it's important to decide on the style of riding you intend to do, and buy a pair which fits that purpose. Shorts can be baggy or tight fitting – tight fitting shorts are perfect if you plan on racing since they offer an aerodynamic aspect. If you plan on commuting or touring then bicycle baggy shorts may be a better option, since they offer more pockets and have a more leisurely look. Funkier has a range of stylish bicycle baggy shorts in lightweight fabrics with plenty of space to store the essentials. Their breathable mesh inner lining and soft pads mean a comfortable ride, no matter how far you travel.

Bicycle bib shorts have shoulder straps instead of an elastic or tie waist, and many cyclists find these offer the best fit for long hours spent bending forwards at the waist – which is why they tend to be the shorts of choice for professional cyclists.

Wide range of Colors and Fabrics

When deciding on the right pair of bicycle shorts, it's also important to consider the fabric – this can be thicker or thinner, sheer and shiny or textured. Color is another aspect to think about since it's possible to buy bicycle shorts in just about every color of the rainbow – you can decide to opt for traditional black or buy a brand name to support a team.

Cost may be a deciding factor in which pair of shorts to purchase, since they range in price from around $20 to $120. The higher priced shorts tend to offer the ultimate in terms of comfort and fit – as well as style. Funkier offers a range of stylish cycling shorts which are made out of a polyamide/spandex mixed fabric to allow maximum air flow and quick drying capabilities. They also feature an anti-bacterial Coolmax cycling pad designed for maximum comfort during long bike rides.

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What to Look for when Choosing Cycle Wear0 out of 51 based on 0 voters.

What to Look for when Choosing Cycle Wear

Whether you're a seasoned professional or enjoy cycling as a hobby, buying the right apparel is essential. When you're deciding on the right type of cycle gear, you want apparel which not only looks great but is practical and comfortable. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise sure to get the heart pumping, so you need clothes which allow your skin to breathe as you perspire, keeping you cool and collected no matter what the weather. Funkier makes a range of cycle wear designed to do just that, featuring the very latest in technology which evaporates moisture from the skin, keeping it dry and comfortable.

Stylish Short Sleeve Jerseys

Short sleeve jerseys are a summer essential when hitting the trails, and purchasing one of Funkier's jerseys will ensure you stand out from the crowd, since they come in a wide range of styles. The bright bold colors ensure you'll be kept safely visible too. Featuring Quick Dry Active Protection, these stylish cycling jerseys keep the body dry and comfortable no matter how tough the going gets. Many jerseys also feature back packets and waterproof pockets so you can keep essential items safe and secure without having to carry a backpack or bag.

To Bib or Not to Bib?

When you're looking for a pair of cycling shorts, you'll notice there are two types – regular and bibs. Bicycle bibs are an option many male cyclists opt for when it comes to cycling wear, since these sporty items increase the comfort around the waist – and won't slip down. Funkier cycling bibs feature several panels to ensure the perfect fit, and are made from Lycra to enable them to stretch as far as needed. The cycling pad keeps sensitive areas dry and the antibacterial fabric provides protection against germs. Considering all these factors it's no wonder all the pros opt for bicycle bibs since they keep you comfortable even on the longest of rides.

Don't let the rain Stop Play

Bicycle jackets are a must for rainy days, and Funkier bicycle jackets come in a range of reflective colors, along with an inner mesh fabric which will allow air to flow. For extra warmth on a cold day a waterproof exterior combined with a fleecy inner provides the perfect solution.