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funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210

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funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210skuB-3210Price: 76 USDin_stock
funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-32103.25 out of 51 based on 12 voters.

funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210
funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210funkier - Baggy Cycling Shorts - B-3210
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3.43 out of 51 based on 7 voters.


Funkier is all about style and function, and these baggy cycling shorts have it all! They're designed for easy adjusting, thanks to the elastic on the back and the additional laces so that you can wear them however you feel comfortable wearing them. The width of the legs can also be adjusted by the Velcro strap provided, and you can move freely while wearing these shorts thanks to the elastic rib panel. The material these shorts are made from is entirely water resistant, and a number of different pockets provide storage in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and locations. All pockets are protected by a pack and held closed by wither a zipper or a Velcro seal. Reinforcing stitches make these shorts exceptionally long-lasting.

You can even make your ride more comfortable with the addition of one of our two pairs of boxer shorts that are designed to be worn under these baggy shorts. Styles E2 and B7 are both more comfortable alternatives to standard underwear. Style E2 has an innovative pad that uses high density foam inserts and professional gel inserts, which are designed to provide a high level of comfort while on the bike. Style B7 is made from fabric that's anti-bacterial and full of extra padding for a comfortable ride.

  • Outer fabric: 100 % nylon
  • Inner fabric: 95 % polyamide and 5 % spandex
  • Weight  165 gr