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funkier - Shorts & pants - S-131-C8

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funkier - Shorts & pants - S-131-C83.40 out of 51 based on 5 voters.

funkier - Shorts & pants - S-131-C8
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Get in touch with your feminine but sporty side with these black, pink, and white printed shorts. Funkier has taken the standard black cycling shorts and added pink side panels and a flowing sublimation print on the front of the legs, as well as a paint splotch sublimation print on the upper back side of the shorts. Unlike many of the other products in the Funkier clothing line, these shorts do not have a silicone gripper. Instead they feature a double layer with an inner elastic band. Even the longest bike ride is comfortable thanks to the Italian cycling pad in these shorts, which is made from antibacterial fabric for excellent transfer of moisture away from sensitive areas. There's even a matching jersey (style J-302) to go along with these shorts!

  • 80 percent polyamide and 20 percent spandex
  • Weight: 210 grams per square meter
  • Available sizes: small up to 1X